4 Great Photography Blogs to Follow

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Inspiration takes time to come to fruition. But what if you lack inspiration to start with? Then you might be in trouble. Since various questionable substances are off the table, you need other ways of finding inspiration. Whether you are a musician or you are a photographer, you turn to other artists or rather, your own peers for inspiration. A musician would listen to music from a different genre or simply look back at classical music or art music, and let the music tell a story of its own, thus inspiring them. A photographer would look at other people’s photos. The easiest way of doing so is either visiting image hosting sites or blogs. Blogs are personal and often have a different take on photography, more artistic as opposed to what you would sell online. Here are the top 4 photography blogs to follow.

Feature Shoot

Feature Shoot is dedicated to photography. They host photos from various photographers who already have experience in photography. With that in mind, there are plenty of genres to explore if you want to see a specific set of photos, whether still life, landscapes, portraits, even documentary photographs. There is a little bit of everything, for everyone. They also do reviews and host virtual shows. Those are pretty interesting, especially when they reveal new photographs.


This blog has plenty of tutorials and articles about various aspects of photography. Yes, it also hosts photos and shows. If you need to brush up on your photography knowledge, this is the place to be. If you want, however, to be inspired, you can read their interviews with famous photographers, or simply look at galleries and collections of photos. Either works for a photographer.

The Phoblographer

This site deals with a lot of technical aspects of photography. Inspiration isn’t just about knowing what to shoot, which subject and at which location, but also how to do it. Knowing your tools is as important as having where to use them. They have tutorials on how to use photographic equipment, as well as reviews of various devices related to photography.


Similarly to the Phoblographer, PhotoFocus focuses on the technical aspects of photography, as well as training their readers as best they can. They have interviews with famous people in the world of photography, both photographers and people on the business side of photography. Tutorials, videos and podcasts are also what you can find on the site, hopefully leading to you learning new things and finding the necessary inspiration to take photos.

These are 4 of the many blogs you can follow if you really like photography. Inspiration does come when you look at other people’s work, but also out of your own work. Get out there and start taking photos.