What Are Some Amazing Depictions of Sports and Athletes in Art?

It is often considered that competitive sports and art don’t mix well together. However, when given the opportunity and passion, art can be made in any situation. Sports happen to be a different type of art, often more expressive in a physical manner. In soccer, the FIFA World Cup is the place where one can […]

How Expensive is Analog Photography?

Technology comes and goes, but some parts of technology stay with us. Whether radio broadcasting or vinyl records, some technological breakthroughs, although often considered obsolete, remain in use and therefore, production. That being said, photography follows a similar route. At one point in time, there were talks of digital photography. Skeptics were saying that it […]

Selling Art Online: Tips to Get Started

Art is the future, or so you might think. Many artists often struggle to earn their money, mostly due to them not knowing how to sell their art. The world made that easier for the artists, music as well as painters and digital artists. The modern world enabled many businesses and many individuals to seek […]