What are the Best Social Media Platforms for Artists?

In today’s world being an aspiring artist is not easy. Opening up a gallery and showcasing your work is cheap and does not pay off unless you have an established name or brand. Luckily, the phenomenon of social media is there to help. Artists can now use the power of various SM platforms to promote […]

5 Most Famous Pieces of Street Art in the World

A fairly young form of art, street art, became a powerful tool in recent years. Besides creating stunning art displays on the walls of buildings around the world, famous street artists use their pieces to divert public attention to some important problems that our society faces today or send a strong political message. Here are […]

4 Great Photography Blogs to Follow

Inspiration takes time to come to fruition. But what if you lack inspiration to start with? Then you might be in trouble. Since various questionable substances are off the table, you need other ways of finding inspiration. Whether you are a musician or you are a photographer, you turn to other artists or rather, your […]