4 Different Types of Digital Art

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Digital art, which is an art form in which artists use an electronic device to create art, has been getting more popular as the years go by. Even though it is a rather new way of creating pieces compared to some traditional art forms, it is now as popular as painting, if not more. Digital art is expanding every day, so we are able to see many new types of digital art emerging.

You’d be surprised in how many ways we can now create digital art and to what purpose. Therefore, let’s look at a list of four types of digital art that you might have not heard about. 

Fractal/Algorithmic Art

This form of art debunks the outdated mindset that you cannot use both of your brain hemispheres fully and that you had to pick either your logical or your creative side. Fractal or Algorithmic art is a great example of how mathematics can be used in a process of creativity. With some calculations, you can produce images or even videos that could not be made by hand but only on computers. In order to create fractal art, you need extensive knowledge in digital mathematics, as well as know how to handle software data. 


Data-moshing is a process of arranging media files in order to get desired visuals. It is more common to do data-moshing on videos than on photos because decoded video files have more space for you to manipulate. You can add effects, or just enhance the quality of the video if you want to. The majority of the videos we see every day, whether that’s music videos, YouTube, movies, or television, have some degree of data-moshing added. That is why they usually look more aesthetically pleasing than regular videos taken on a phone camera. 

Dynamic Painting

You can now create art without actually doing anything creative yourself. Technology has advanced so much that we now have computer systems that can do that for us. These systems usually work by finding patterns in existing artworks and using that knowledge, they create new pieces.

This doesn’t apply only to painting or drawing. There are also numerous instances of computers creating music, choreographies, or even poems. 

Raster Painting

Raster painting is done on electronic devices; however, the end product looks like a traditional painting. This is because you paint in strokes, just like you would do with a real-life painting. The programs for raster painting have a variety of choices you can pick, so based on your goals, your painting can be done with watercolors or oils. You should just keep in mind that since the process is very similar to the traditional painting process, you need to have some knowledge about how to paint using a brush in order to be successful at raster painting.