How Is VR Changing Online Gambling?

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VR technology is rapidly evolving. Just in the last few years, we’ve seen developers create more and more VR titles and it doesn’t look like this trend is going away for a long time. Virtual Reality is used for more than just video games, however, and every possible industry is trying to incorporate it and reap the benefits of this new technology.

Going back to gaming, how can the industry of online casinos use VR, and why would that be a wise choice? The answer is simple, VR casinos. But what are they, how do they differ from traditional online betting and gaming apps like the ones found at, and what are some of the difficulties VR casinos face right now?

A New Gaming Experience

Recent statistics show that more and more players visit regular casinos less often, and prefer to spend their money on virtual ones. Even though you don’t get the same experience as you do when visiting a regular casino, online casinos have a few advantages of their own. Saving time is the biggest one. Instead of planning a trip around visiting a casino or going to your local casino and back home again, you simply need to sit in front of your PC.

Bringing the regular casino experience into online casinos is the main goal of VR casinos. Walking through a casino and being able to look around while playing makes this experience more immersive than just looking at 2D images of a poker table.

Another very important thing is the real-time communication that some of these VR casinos offer. Being able to voice chat with another player can make your time online more enjoyable. There are even people who visit these casinos for the social aspect, rather than gambling.

VR casinos can easily be customized to suit each individual player’s preferences. Instead of redesigning your entire brick and mortar casino, you can do it in VR basically for free. This option also lets players customize the look of the casino by themselves, so two players might be seeing a completely different setting while playing together.

Last but not least, the goal of VR casinos is to give each player a new experience, and to bring in more gamblers. If you are new to VR, this technology might be interesting to you, and you might spend countless hours before it loses its charm.

What Are the Problems?

There are a few unavoidable problems with VR casinos, and the first one is motion sickness. This happens because of the lag that occurs while playing in VR. While this takes some getting used to, many players can’t really enjoy VR without getting sick in the process.

Another big problem is the cost of VR equipment. VR sets go from $400 to $1000 and this forces VR casinos to cut down development costs, which has an adverse effect on both the graphics and gameplay.

With all that said, playing in a casino certainly has some benefits, and as technology progresses, we will start seeing more and more of them.