Photo tools you can use to optimize your photos

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There are a lot of online services and desktop tools you can use to optimize your images. You usually optimize them for web sites or that you can attach them in emails. If the photos are optimized and posted on the site, it will be visited by more people, since they will not have to wait for a long time to load a page and therefore not lose their patience. There are tools that can be used online or desktop tools for downloading to your computer. Of course, some of them offer you both online and desktop version. You can choose between these options depending on your preferences.

Image Optimizer

This is a tool which can be used online, but also offers a desktop version. It is very undemanding for using. In order to enjoy its possibilities, you just choose a photo from your computer and it will be automatically optimized. What you should do is select quality, width and height. It is really fast and simple for using.


Optimizilla is an online tool for optimizing photos. It resizes JPEG and PNG images preserving the image quality. It enables you to upload maximum 20 photos and after that the program compresses them. Your job is to choose the settings you prefer and download the optimized photos to your computer.

A very popular photo optimizer used by a lot of companies around the world (for example Dell, Hallmark, and Tesla). This tool is not free, which means that you are expected to pay in order  to use it. There is the exception when a free trial package of 100 MB is concerned. Price depends on the package you choose.

There are packages ranging from 500MB to 60GB, and if you need more space you pay for it additionally. Advanced package is the most popular one and it includes 5GB which cost $19, and you can pay $3 for extra GB.

JPEG Optimizer

It is a free online photo optimizer tool. In order to have your photos optimized, you should, of course, upload them from your computer first. After that, you have to choose compression level and new width of the photos. In the end you should click on the “optimize photo” option to get the optimized photo for using it on the website. The only flaw of this tool is that you have to wait a little longer if you are optimizing larger photos, so some people lose patience.

Tiny JPG

After uploading photos here, they are automatically analyzed, which creates the balance between quality and compressed size. This tool is also very useful for creating flawless thumbnails. It either crops the photo and gets rid of the unnecessary details or adds more space around the photo if it is needed. It enables you to upload 20 photos max and after optimizing you get photos which are not larger than 5MB each. Since it offers you a lot of the interesting options and high-quality service, you have to pay for using it, except for the trial version that you can get for free.