Photo policies in casinos

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Almost everyone who has played online casino games and grabbed any online casino bonus has at some point wondered what it would be like to visit a land-based casino. Moreover, most of the people who plan to visit a casino for the first time want to take photos there and keep them as a souvenir. But, most of the casinos have strict policies considering taking photographs in their area. It is generally forbidden to take photos in casinos, but sometimes there are exceptions in some casinos which do not have such strict rules. However, people find their ways to violate these policies unnoticed. So, if you wish to take photos anyway, and capture them for your holiday album, you will have to keep in mind some useful tips.

To ask or not to ask?

First of all, if you wish to take photos in the casino, it could be wise to ask the staff whether it’s allowed or not before you do this. You will avoid embarrassment and dispute with the employees and security guards. On the other hand, if you get the information that photographs are forbidden in the area of their casino and despite knowing this you decide to take photos and they catch you, it would be even more unpleasant. So, maybe it’s more advisable not to ask and try to make some photos. If they notice your actions and try to make you stop, you are advised to just pretend you are an uninformed tourist.

Strict prohibition

In some casinos, it is possible to take photos anywhere else except on gaming floors or cashier’s cages. Taking photos violates privacy and security of both gamers and employees of the casino.

People have their own reasons for not wanting to be seen in a casino. Maybe the families of the customers are not familiar with their hobby and they want to keep it secret.

Some people visit casinos only as tourists, not customers, and if they are recognized in a photo, people may get the wrong impression about them and disapprove their behaviour.

The rules are hidden

The other factor which makes casinos forbid taking photos is that they don’t want the rules of their games to be uncovered by the public. They want you to become their customer in order to get acquainted with these rules.

Gadgets are taken away

Some casinos have a very strict policy which implies taking away all of the customer’s gadgets before entering the gaming area. You may feel very unpleasant because of this action, but the casino staff wants to make sure that you do not violate their rules.


One more important information to keep in mind is that you can take photos only of people you know or employees if they agree to that. In addition, the photos of jackpot winners can be taken on a gaming floor but only with their permission. Only their family members can be in the photo with them and other customers mustn’t be noticed in the background. Photos can be taken in casinos for marketing purposes, as well. They usually hire professional actors for posing for this purpose.

Tiny camera

If you are for example getting married in Vegas and having a strong desire to have some photos from your wedding, you can bring a tiny phone or camera with you, and make a few quick photos and the staff will not notice or warn you to stop. It is also highly recommended that you turn off the flash, in order not to draw the attention of the employees and security.