4 Great Photography Blogs to Follow

Inspiration takes time to come to fruition. But what if you lack inspiration to start with? Then you might be in trouble. Since various questionable substances are off the table, you need other ways of finding inspiration. Whether you are a musician or you are a photographer, you turn to other artists or rather, your […]

The Most Influential Photographers in History

Photography has been around for more than a century. During that time, progress has been made, so much in fact, that everyone who owns a somewhat novel mobile phone can take photos. Those few who own really expensive phones can take really nice photos which in some ways rival some of the better dedicated digital […]

The Rise of AI – Is AI Capable of Creating Art?

Technology is undeniably making our lives easier and more carefree. We can now meet new people without leaving our house, travel using VR, and with sites such as Spela, we can even gamble online. It is nothing unusual nowadays to hear about how AI is capable of performing some smaller, repetitive tasks, but we still […]