Typical gambling photo ideas

Gambling photos are an inexhaustible theme and source of motivation for photographers, especially those earning a living by taking photos professionally for gambling sites and real casinos. No promotions, including the Pools.com welcome offer and bonuses that are not so rare online, are as alluring as when there are some amazing pics accompanying the text. When […]

Best painting artists in the UK

In order to understand the art of a certain country, one needs to have good knowledge of the language and culture of the artist, of the historical and social moment in which the work was created and sometimes even about the artist’s personal life and views. However, many art critics argue for the freedom of […]

How to Become a Sports Photographer

Being a photographer, one has to know a lot about the lighting and how to best position the subject or what to put in the focus. This is often challenging even when we talk about still life photography, portraits or nature, but imagine how difficult it must be to be a sports photographer. Sports are […]

Photo archives in the UK

Many great and iconic moments have passed and all that’s left behind are stories and photographs we can look back on. But the question remains, where can we find high-quality photographs of historical moments? No matter your intent, whether you just want to satisfy your curiosity or use photographs in your own presentations and work, […]

Best photos taken at sports events

As a photographer, you are constantly trying to catch a perfect frame at exactly the right moment and at the peak of the emotion. And for that, timing is everything. In sports, where everything is so fast and dynamic, a photo like that is one in hundreds. It takes great appreciation of sport and its […]