How to sell gambling stock photos

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There are a lot of sites on the internet for selling and buying photos. Photographers take different photos of different themes and sell them as their intellectual property. The most popular sites are iStock, shutterstock, gettyimages and dreamstime. People usually buy high-quality professional photos and later use them for advertising purposes.

In order to increase the popularity of casino games and sports betting, many casinos and bookmakers try to find the perfect photos for their websites and advertising. Even websites that promote gambling sites and their promotions, such as the Gala Bingo welcome bonus, still either have to buy photos or use screenshots of those sites. Websites that have to do with gambling, usually buy photos of people who look happy and as if they are having fun at a casino, so they want to accomplish the psychological effect and attract people who want to feel the same way.


When a photographer posts photos on a stock website, these photos are being licensed. This means that he/she does not sell them for good, and lose the rights. They still belong to the photographer who took them. Photographer has the right to use them for some exhibition or other purposes. There are different types of licenses, some of them just allow the buyer to buy the photo, use it once, and not reuse it further. Other mean that the buyer will have to pay the price every time they use the photo. Some of these sites have the policy of asking you not to post your photo anywhere else if you already posted it on their site. You are advised to get familiar with the policy and rules of the specific sites before signing anything.

First steps

First of all you should sign in and make a profile and boards on some of the stock sites. They all require your personal information, and some of them even ask you to pay some money for becoming a member. But, again, you should get acquainted to the policy of every one of them. One of the most important things when planning to post your photos somewhere, is to be sure that the photos are legal and that you have the permission for using and selling them. When taking photos of people or a casino, which is a private property, you have to possess all of the agreements signed by those people in the photo, or casino management, in order that stock site accepts your photos. It is also requested that photos are high-quality and that they are valuable for being used in advertising. This way they can be easily sold.

Ease the search

It is highly recommended to keep in mind keywords when describing and tagging your photos. You want them to be searchable and people can easily find them. You have to be concise, and describe just the things that are included or shown in the photo. For example, if you have a photo of the person who won a jackpot, you can tag it with “jackpot”, “happy”, “casino game” etc. This will lead people to your photos, because they already have in mind what kind of photo they want, and help you sell the photos faster.