The Rise of AI – Is AI Capable of Creating Art?

Technology is undeniably making our lives easier and more carefree. We can now meet new people without leaving our house, travel using VR, and with sites such as Spela, we can even gamble online. It is nothing unusual nowadays to hear about how AI is capable of performing some smaller, repetitive tasks, but we still […]

4 Different Types of Digital Art

Digital art, which is an art form in which artists use an electronic device to create art, has been getting more popular as the years go by. Even though it is a rather new way of creating pieces compared to some traditional art forms, it is now as popular as painting, if not more. Digital […]

How to take good photos for sports betting sites

Many sports betting sites have emerged all over the world. Bookmakers and casinos alike work on their advertising and commercials, in order to attract more and more clients. All of them try to stand out, so the clients would choose their services rather than some other sites’. They usually search for creative people whose photos […]

How to sell gambling stock photos

There are a lot of sites on the internet for selling and buying photos. Photographers take different photos of different themes and sell them as their intellectual property. The most popular sites are iStock, shutterstock, gettyimages and dreamstime. People usually buy high-quality professional photos and later use them for advertising purposes. In order to increase […]