Best photos taken at sports events

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As a photographer, you are constantly trying to catch a perfect frame at exactly the right moment and at the peak of the emotion. And for that, timing is everything. In sports, where everything is so fast and dynamic, a photo like that is one in hundreds. It takes great appreciation of sport and its players to know when to start taking photos, and to convey the overall atmosphere and mood.

Sometimes photos that represent the iconic moment that has changed the result or the game itself are made, and sometimes, they show us the players in their greatest joy or extreme pain.

Sports events photos have different uses. They are sometimes sold to online bookmakers or sites that promote promo codes for online betting and casino gambling, such as, but the truly great ones end up in magazines and are truly appreciated by photography lovers.

Here are some of the best sports photos:

This photo was taken by Jerry Lodriguss, The Philadelphia Inquirer photographer. It portrays a great emotion and a great pain Derek Redmone was in. Derek Redmone, a British Olympic sprinter in the 80’s and early 90’s, has suffered many injuries. Because of the extent of his injuries, he was forced to drop out of the 1988 Olympics before his rase. He had had eight surgeries before the Barcelona games, and he felt ready to get back in the game. Unfortunately, his hamstring snapped after 150 meters. He was offered the help and the stretcher was brought out, but Derek refused it. His father ran to him and helped him cross the finish line.

The heavyweight title rematch when Ali defeated Liston by knockout became a part of the history. He would hold the title until 1967, but his title was stripped because he refused to be drafted into the Army. This picture of the winning moment, taken by Neil Leifer, shows Ali’s and audiences’ emotion at that legendary moment.

Robert Beck, a staff photographer for Sports Illustrated, captured an iconic moment and a raw emotion at Women’s World Cup in 1999. The picture shows U.S. women’s soccer player Brandi Chastain celebrating after kicking a winning penalty kick in the Cup’s final. You can feel the atmosphere of the moment through the photo.

This photo, taken by Associated Press photographer in the 1956 World Series Game 5, shows New York Yankees pitcher Don Larsen jumping on and hugging catcher Yogi Berra at Yankee Stadium after pitching the only perfect game in World Series history. The Yankees won the Series in seven games.

David Bergman took a photo of Penn State’s „White House“ in 2007. The game when The Nittany Lions defeated the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 31-10, was the game that had the second largest attendance in Beaver Stadium history. It was watched by 110, 078 people, and Penn State declared a stadium-wide „White Out“.

In 1984 Olympics, a strong favourite to win a gold, Mary Decker became tangled with Britain’s Zola Budd about halfway through the 3,000 meter run. This collision became memorable and some observers suspected that Budd deliberately tripped Decker, and others believe it was an accident. The photo taken by Jean-Claude Delmas, is taken from the infield after Decker fell from the track. Decker’s day ended with this collision and she put the blame on Budd. This also shook up Budd, and she lost the lead and fell to seventh place.