DOCVA, Documentation Center for Visual Arts organized by Careof and Viafarini, offers to the public a series of services for the promotion and documentation of contemporary art.

The Video Archive - recognized as an Archive of Historical Value by the Italian Ministry of Culture in 2006-comprises more than 6.000 videos of two main categories: artists’ works and video documentation.
The section artists’ works counts 5.000 titles, ranging from the first experimental videos of the 70’s to the works produced by the latest generations. The section comprising documentation videos includes more than 1.000 shootings of exhibitions, conferences, performances and art events of international relevance.
It is possible to carry out personalized researches in the Archive by appointment. The materials are divulged through exhibitions, events and festivals, besides being used as support material in educational contexts such as university courses, masters, conferences and seminars.

The Video Archive is organized by Careof.

Video post-production
The service produces documentation videos of international exhibitions, conferences, performances and other art events; it further makes its know-how in matter video post-production available to artists and art professionals.

Curators of the Archives
2012               Chiara Agnello and Simone Frangi
2006/2012      Chiara Agnello and Milovan Farronato
2004/2006      Milovan Farronato and Gabi Scardi
2002/2004      Gabi Scardi
2000/2002      Alessandra Galletta and Gabi Scardi
1997/2000      Mario Gorni
1996/1997      Alessandra Galasso
1995/1996      Alessandra Galletta


last update 26-10-2012