DOCVA, Documentation Center for Visual Arts organized by Careof and Viafarini, offers to the public a series of services for the promotion and documentation of contemporary art.

DOCVA Documentation Center for Visual Arts organizes a program of open events such as panel discussions with the participation of critics, curators and artists, as well as presentations of new books and editorial projects. Bearing these purposes in mind, DOCVA started a program of educational activities for the students, realized by qualified professionals. Each activity is set on the specific needs of the different pedagocical steps (from primary school to high school), as a way to let young students develop a critical approach to contemporary expressive languages. At the same time DOCVA represents an opportunity for teachers to accomplish a refresher course, taking advantage of archive’s documentation materials.

Since 2011 DOCVA Education Department organizes Education Lab, Italian network of Education Through contemporary Art.

The education program and the open events are realized under the patronage of Milan Municipality – Famiglia Scuola e Politiche Sociali, and are funded with the contribution of Fondazione Banca del Monte di Lombardia and Fondazione Cariplo.

Managing Coordinator: Giulio Verago
Educators: Primary School: Marta Motterlini and Antonella Orlando, Associazione Pane arte e marmellata.
High School: Francesca Marconi.

For information please contact: - ph./fax +39 02 66804473 To make a reservation: download the reservation form and send it to - fax +39 02 66804473


last update 23-04-2012