Photo policies in casinos

Most of the people who plan to visit a casino for the first time want to take photos there and keep them as a souvenir. But, most of the casinos have strict policies considering taking photographs in their area. It is generally forbidden to take photos in casinos, but sometimes there are exceptions in some […]

Where to find video archives in the UK

The invention of the Internet has significantly changed our lives. It had been made some things much easier and most of our activities have moved from the real to the virtual reality world. Libraries and national archives are becoming increasingly deserted since no one bothers going there anymore if they can find the information they […]

Typical gambling photo ideas

Gambling photos are an inexhaustible theme and source of motivation for photographers, especially those earning a living by taking photos professionally for gambling sites and real casinos. When taking a photo which will be used for an online gambling site or for commercial purposes of a casino, you have to think of the ways how […]

Best painting artists in the UK

In order to understand the art of a certain country, one needs to have good knowledge of the language and culture of the artist, of the historical and social moment in which the work was created and sometimes even about the artist’s personal life and views. However, many art critics argue for the freedom of […]

How to Become a Sports Photographer

Being a photographer, one has to know a lot about the lighting and how to best position the subject or what to put in the focus. This is often challenging even when we talk about still life photography, portraits or nature, but imagine how difficult it must be to be a sports photographer. Sports are […]